Escape Through The Void

by Eta Lux

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Poschi: drums
Torsten: guitars
Tobi: bass
Christoph: vox


released January 6, 2018


all rights reserved



Eta Lux Germany

ETA LUX, Stoner Rock & Psychedelic Doom from Bremen (Germany)

Members: Torsten [Gitarre], Poschi [Schlagzeug], Christoph [Gesang], Tobi [Bass]

Founded in Bremen - 2009

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Track Name: Apart
Step out through the door
in this new dimension
where the one-eyed rules the world
where the oney-eyed has the word

Step out through the door
you'll see the difference
where the oney-eyed has the word

He want's it all
not complicate
he gets just everything including you
he gets just everything including your soul

you can't sit down
to debate - he want's just everything including your soul

you can't sit down
to negotiate - he want's just everything including your soul

just give up and leave your ship behind
Track Name: 967
travel through space
travel through time
don't know where to land
got nothing in my mind

running out of fuel
machine is broken down
i'm in the middle of between
lost but not found

967 suns i've past
can't count the miles

jesus passed me by
like an astronaut
he asked me for forgiveness
i tell him about the sold out

bevore he's leaving
he does me a favour
and tourns my last water
in the holy juice

967 - i take my helmet off
967 - and i will breathe the heaven
Track Name: Wild Wide Universe
We start exploring in another direction.
Searching galaxies and all their dimensions.
i know where we should be
I'm not afraid, cause youre here with me

i know my way through the forbidden zone
no asteroid will stop us, my soul
when we will start our fantastic trip
to explore the wild wide universe

Ride - to the wild wide universe
with you into wild wide universe

I'm - feeling so secure
I'm - flying high with you
I'm - looking forward to
I'm - turning into fire
Track Name: Escape Through The Void
I tried to let the thoughts far behind me
to understand where the path will take me
running away just makes no sense
escape through the void

With the speed of sound exeed the limits
the entry into unknown spheres

the infinite universe
the entry into unkown spheres

I understand now
where the way will lead me
With the speed of sound exeed the limits
the entry into unkown spheres
escape through the void
Track Name: Konyagi
Konyagi - is live
Konyagi - feels right tonight
Track Name: Red Rocks
a red desert and a burning sky
feel the heat of 100 suns

crashed down at this drear place –the ship is a wreck
my crew lies dead in the sand, but - you won’t bring me down

heading straight toward the sun - seems the only way out
Red sand in my eyes - and in my lung

the wounds all over my body - don’t want to heal
strange voices in my head –are driving me mad

can’t silence them, can’t silence them – they are getting to loud
all that I want, all that I crave - is to step in the void

Red Rocks
Track Name: Impact
The system is running low
machine smells like decay
we're dropping from the sky
like water's falling

like water we're falling down

the ground in sight
mayday comes to late
the impact
through the clouds we're falling
towards you
Track Name: Skåtørdije
Walk inside a circle
you don't wanna get to far
if you step over the border
There is nowhere else to crawl

Stay inside your circle
nobody hears your call
if you look over the outline
don't peek to much or you might gonna fall

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